Art Foster

Columbus, Ohio
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Ryder Systems - Detroit MI
Logistics Systems and Account Management (2016)
  • Statement of Work – Managed the relationship of a bank of customers using their Logistics Management System (LMS).  Responsible for implementations and managing request to the LMS system.  I was given the specialty of EDI working with 214/204, 830, 856,850/860, and 824. Customers included Daimler, Allison Transmission, Bendix, and Interstate Battery.
  • Structure – I was the 4th of 5 contractors brought on to reengineer department under new management with a complete restructure of goals, processes, and achievements.
  • Managed key relationships and EDI implementations.  Customized use of the EDI transaction sets.
  • Worked with Operations department, EDI department, Sales Department to meet customer goals
  • Ryder Systems had custom software (LMS) and managed projects using a mixture of Clarity and SharePoint
Harmony IS, a Mediware Company – Reston VA

Medicaid Management System Implementation (2015-2016)
  • Statement of Work – Customize and implement a Medicaid management system.  I was responsible for phase 2 of the project which included all aspects of 3 interfaces valued at $3M.  The products included a provider, claims, and eligibility interface. 
  • Structure - Due to the timing of the project I was brought on to perform BA analysis as well as manage the development through a team of 4 ,Net developers on sight.  After functional and technical design documents were complete I moved to PM role as developers began coding.
  • Managed the Interfaces for eligibility, claims, and providers with TDD and TDD,  Performed BA and analytical work on all three with interface partners HP and Accenture.
  • Project Results – Created FDD and TDD for all three interfaces, presented them for payment and had sign-off on of $600,000 when parent company lost the contract, ending the project.

Vertex Systems – Westerville, OH

Custom Inventory System Design & Implementation (2012-2013)
  • Statement of Work – Customize and implement inventory control system and integrate it to ERP solution and communicate via EDI with SAP Supplier
  • Structure – Performed PM, Sponsor, and Product Manage roll and outsourced contracting work.and after development co
  • During initial stage negotiated language to mitigate risk by approving a 25% over-run triggered by specific activity.  Recommended system purchase and modify using contractors.  Identified timeline of 15 months based on customer commitments.
  • Planning stage, determined server structure to use for development, communication channel, and team composition.  Due to customer and contractor concerns, determined a waterfall approach. 
  • Conducted twice-monthly meetings with stakeholders to manage requirements, manage tasks against program plan and anticipate issues to proactively solve.
  • Halted project and met with CEO and key stakeholder regarding the scope of project change using process set in risk mitigation stage.  Customer determined the cost of change to high and put a change on hold.  Conflict resolved using planned process.
  • Project Results – Customer made the deadline to be SAP compliant and their operational processes were improved by implementing Vertex’s system.

iPad Warehouse Application Design & Implementation (2010-2011)
  • Statement of Work – Develop a warehouse application to shorten training of supervisors and increase accuracy of reporting activity that resulted in Medicaid Billing
  • Structure – Performed Project and Product Manager as well as BA role and hired a junior developer to work with a senior developer.
  • Prepared mock-up’s to mitigate risk and funded activity by selling software to the customer for project hours while Vertex retained product license.
  • Managed project cross-functional team of 4 with a hard deadline of 7 months to put the product on display at the industry convention.  Iterative process critical to success.
  • Managed customer expectation through a biweekly call system.
  • Project Results – Product reduced supervisor training time from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 hours, increased accuracy, and improved Medicaid billing.  The product became a signature item in the product catalog.

Medicaid Billing Engine Design & Implementation (2010-2012)
  • Statement of Work – Replace obsolete billing engine as quickly as possible, state by state existing software was becoming unusable.  Product core to company mission and without it the company was not viable so timeline was the most critical constraint.  New product included state-specific EDI, A/R with auto check posting and workflows and dashboards.
  • Structure – I managed the portfolio and was PM for two projects and product manager was PM on two while development department was assigned projects as needed sprint planning sessions.  I was the Product Manager of the software upon completion.
  • Due to the complexity of projects, served as the primary point of contact for the programs, issues and coordinating decisions and presenting proposals.
  • Product was modified and certified on a state by state basis
  • Contracted developers to shorten project to 24 months.                                                                                       
  • Evaluated existing platform but determined fresh start as best practice.
  • Due to governance, a significant investment in data definitions and testing was made           
  • Portfolio Results – Medicaid billing software accounted for 50% of new sales in the first year of product.  The program eliminated up to 90 man-hours monthly, improved cash flow and billing accuracy.

ANDERSON NEWS COMPANY – Knoxville, TN                                                    

Design & Implement Centralized Billing System (2007-2008)  
  • Statement of Work – A group of 4 projects whose mission was to centralize billing process from 140 locations to a single corporate location for savings and customer consistency.
  • Structure - This portfolio consisted of 3 projects, software enhancements, local process changes, and staffing.  Filled role as PM on 2 projects and sponsor on staffing project.  Performed all BA work with company customers ((retailers)
  • To align this change with other departments the deadline was fast-tracked to be 4 months and included a cross-functional team of 8 including SME’s BA’s and analysts.  All three projects ran simultaneously.
  • Developed program specific metrics to track and report. 
  • Accountable for stakeholder training, workflows and orientation needs.
  • Evaluation review with stakeholders for approval upon completion.
  • Portfolio Results - $1.5 million saved annually by consolidating billing department.  National customers also received consistent timing and statement structure.

Reengineer Purchasing Department (2008)
  • Statement of Work – Reengineer purchasing department to eliminate duplication of effort and increase retailer centric activities. Goal was set by individual retailers to be more efficient, more effective and new structure was better positioned for customer support.
  • Structure – I was the PM, Sponsor, and performed most of the project as a single performer. 
  • New supply chain structure consisted of cross-functional teams assigned to customers replacing functional teams assigned to product lines.
  • Developed tools to manage product selection and efficiency by the customer.  Teams prepared requirements and screen designs and presented to the PM.
  • Developed a marketing plan to insure customers and their contacts knew the process and who to call with questions.  I set regular marketing conference calls to insure customers and sales people understood the new process and how to affect changes in a new environment. 
  • New structure allowed for custom   algorithms and new leverage resulting in efficiency gains
  • Project Results – Payroll savings of $350,000. Margin enhancement of $6Million and reduced company-wide handling costs by $10Million annually by raising efficiency 4 points
Wal-Mart Transition to Pay-on-Scan (2007-2008)
  • Statement of Work – As a member of the cross-functional team to implement Pay-on-Scan for our largest retailer, I was to ensure operational integrity and analysis tracking of the new payment process. 
  • Structure – I was the sponsor, PM and I had an SME and analyst to perform the metrics tracking.
  • Inventory was a concern.  Anderson was taking financial responsibility for $50Million in-store inventory.
  • Shrink was a concern to be negotiated based on analysis of payment process.
  • Project Results – Shrink was higher than expected but managed, inventory loss was lower than expectations.  The roll-out of the new payment process was a success.

Wal-Mart Merchandising Template Implementation (2005-2006)
  • Statement of Work – WE won the proposal to planogram all store product as category manager for Wal-Mart including competition stores.  This project was the execution of the proposal. 
  • Structure – I was the sponsor and I assigned a junior executive as the PM as part of a promotion.
  • PM created 60 demographically specific templates and coordinated training and resets in 3,600 stores nationwide.
  • Project Results – Company saw a 4% growth of a mature product line and distanced itself from the completion.

Complete Allocation System Rewrite (1999-2004)
  • Statement of Work – Rewrite distribution system to replace an obsolete system and to incorporate demographics in the decision process and create tools to centralize the distribution system from 140 sites to one central location.  The portfolio included reworking the data warehouse and training 400 users.
  • Structure – I filled the PM role on all projects and the team consisted of a senior and junior BA 4 SME’s and 2 analysts.  We were assigned a Director in IT to help designate the internal development effort.   I was Product Manager for the allocation software known as Optimal Product Assortment.
  • The portfolio consisted of 5 projects requiring sequential planning.  The start and stop months and significant milestones overlapped adding to the complexity of the portfolio. 
  • Created Steering Committee to keep key stakeholders involved and create an opportunity to communicate with CIO, C-level, and Sr. VP’s engaged and with ownership to deploy.
  • Conducted weekly meetings with BA’s and SME’s to measure and manage requirements & tasks.
  • The initial project included reworking the data warehouse to make available specific calculations.
  • The second project was a traditional structured software development project with the BA’s gathering requirements and developing flowcharts. I met with retailers in a BA roll to understand what metrics were important to them
  • As we began to interact the nervousness of the present distribution structure was palpable.  I put together presentations, talking points and created a marketing plan that the steering committee endorsed and asked that I extend the audience to suppliers and customers which added a new project that I handled as a team of one.
  • The final project in the portfolio was training 600 users.  One of the cross-functional team suggested a certification process to begin immediately to get the users familiar with terms and processes.  We created a self-correcting certification process that shortened the first phase rollout by 90 days.
  • Due to a customer issue, we were forced into production 60 days early.  The shortened testing time did not cause any issues and the launch was early and well supported due to the problem that forced the early rollout.
  • Responsible for department processes to ensure ensuring processes and activities were followed.
  • Portfolio Results - Rollout to national distribution was adjusted resulting in a $20 Million sales increase and cost reduction of $10 million due to an efficiency bump of 5 points.  Customers valued system in contract negotiations .5% to 1% of margin or $10 Million.  Purchasing department leveraged system to increase margin 1.5% or $15 Million.